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You want what?

We’d just received an enquiry for one colour overprinted grease proof paper for a fish and chip restaurant when a further request came in for sourcing disposable cardboard waste ‘tubs’ like those used in hospitals.

Welcome to our wonderful world of supplies of all sorts, and the changing model of the office supplies reseller.

We’re well into the year and already we’ve added 27 new suppliers to our increasing list, as we support resellers across a vast and expanding range of products. At the last count we had over 436,000 on our product file from some 287 suppliers in 14 major product categories.

A founding principle in the set up and development of Nectere was the incorporation of diversity of products into the DNA.

Tom, one of our medical supplies specialist partners is clear when he says “the ability to extend our medical supply options is significantly enhanced by the support we get from Nectere”. He goes on, “the process helps our cash flow but also we get access to other categories across a very wide spectrum”.

By having such access we’ve seen our proportion of traditional OP supplies reduce in the total supplies mix to around 27% and other categories such as clothing, workwear, industrial & catering grow exponentially ahead.

Growing so fast in fact, that we’re now looking at extra sourcing resource. I’ve overseen recent widening of the supplies portfolio and have been impressed by the response we’re getting from suppliers and new partners.

When I present the Nectere concept for the first time to sectors outside of our usual ranges, the response is extremely positive and they are keen to help us understand new markets and provide collateral & especially training.

In fact it’s a new stage in the Nectere development and we’ll be introducing new marketing content, training days for partners, factory or site visits alongside training seminars, blogs and soon to feature a series of podcasts.

In future Nectere will provide a vast breadth of product in a whole new set of categories all designed to give our partners, existing and new, a huge choice to present to their customers.

So I guess the question, ‘you want what?’ will become….whatever you want! 

But for us it’ll still be a case of ‘how can we help you?’

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