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Suppliers, we want to hear from you!

What the future looks like

Firstly, we’re overwhelmed by the success of our recent supplier conference, and we’d like to thank our suppliers for attending.

It’s clear that things are changing in our industry and in order to succeed, we need your help to be at the forefront of these changes.

We’re passionate about providing our Dealers with endless opportunities and your innovative ranges, new ideas and solutions are what will drive sales forward.

We believe that in order for our business to grow, our Dealers to strive and our Industry to develop, we need everyone involved to be winners. We believe in…

Strong & efficient wholesalers
Strong & thriving Dealers
Innovative forward thinking Manufacturers
In order for us to all succeed we need to synergise!

At nectere, we follow in the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

These 7 habits are what founded nectere’s ethos and we believe that these signs contribute towards running a successful business. Pick it up, it’s a fantastic read!

  • By working together, we can source products and new ranges, to keep our industry moving forward.
  • With traditional office products in decline, it’s more important than ever before to look to the future and consider how you can shape it.

Seth Godin wrote in his book, The Purple Cow that “you don’t know what you don’t know…”

  • We rely on you as our Suppliers to feed us knowledge and help us to grow our Dealers sales
  • If you know that orange pens are the new purple, and that teachers are being told to mark in orange in order to motivate pupils, then we need to know.
  • If there’s a tea boom and people aren’t buying coffee because of the health implications then let us know.
  • If hard hats are changing from yellow to various colours in line with new guidelines then we need you to tell us!

It’s your marketplace and you know what works! You are the expert in your field.

Be proactive, it’s better to be ahead of change than to get left behind

We’re sourcing more products than ever before, as an example:

  • We’ve recently launched a brand new range of Breakroom products.
  • Everything from vending machines and boiler taps, to coffee machines and fruit teas.
  • If you have great products, tell us.
  • If you have new and innovative ranges, tell us.

Talk to us. We want to give our dealers something they can talk about.

Are you interested in running an incentive with Nectere?

Our dealers love incentives and our track record shows they work for our suppliers. Tell us your ideas to incentivise our dealers to sell your products.

We want to work with you!

Get in touch with us about product innovation, new ideas, promotions, incentives and how we can work together.

We can’t wait to see what our future together holds.

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