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OT Group Strengthens Position in Wholesale Market with strategic investment in Nectere Ltd

OT Group, a leading workplace solutions and business services provider, has announced a strategic investment in Nectere Ltd, a unique service bureau to independent dealers. The deal marks a significant milestone for both companies, opening new avenues for growth, product diversification, and digital advancement.

The partnership between OT Group and Nectere will unlock a host of benefits for Nectere and its partners. The deal enables Nectere to leverage OT Group’s enhanced buying power and ensures continuity and development of the well-established 5 Star™ brand of products for its partners. Nectere will also gain access to a broader range of solutions offered by OT Group, enabling its partners to accelerate their business growth.

The inclusion of Nectere into the OT Group will deliver numerous advantages. Nectere will have the opportunity to tap into OT Group’s extensive pool of digital knowledge and expertise, bolstering its digital roadmap and unlocking innovative opportunities to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive sustained growth in the digital age.

“OT Group’s investment in Nectere represents a great opportunity for both organisations,” stated Andrew Jones, CEO of OT Group. “By combining our strengths, we will offer an unparalleled product selection, cutting-edge digital solutions, and unwavering support for our partners’ success.”

Mike O’Reilly, Managing Director of Nectere, expressed his enthusiasm about the deal, stating, “We are excited to tap into OT Group’s expertise and resources, which will enable us to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our valued partners. Together, we will create a stronger foundation for mutual success.”

This investment reaffirms OT Group’s commitment to its strategic growth initiatives, which include expanding market presence, driving digital transformation, and ensuring long-term financial stability. By integrating the strengths of both organisations, OT Group and Nectere are poised to deliver unparalleled value, innovation, and customer-centric solutions.

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