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Nectere launches new training division

Nectere has announced the launch of a brand-new training division to further enhance the free support their dealers receive. The group, now with over 170 Dealers, provides the service free of charge to support both new and existing dealers.

The team which is overseen by Sales Director, Adrian Reid and managed by Training Support Manager Emmy Cameron and Partner Training Manager Shane Wareing, adds to the support the existing Business Development team provides and will help dealers grow their businesses.

Adrian Reid said: “We’re very proud of the training division we’ve launched to further enhance Dealers ability to grow. We’re passionate about providing our dealers with the best training and induction schedules. When dealers join us, they go through an induction programme where they learn about the systems and processes we use to assist them with the running of their business and how to get the best from all the services on offer.

“By creating this new division, we can now help dealers at times to suit them. The team includes an external trainer, as well as trainers at the company Head Office in Birmingham. Dealers can learn skills in their own working environments. We’ve noticed the productivity of our dealers increase, as well as their Business Development Meetings now being dedicated to strategic issues and sales growth.

The team was built from existing experienced members of staff. Because Nectere use systems and robotic software in such a specialist way, it’s important that dealers understand how these systems benefit them and the impact they have on their businesses.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how the training team develops further. With the early results already showing an increase in productivity and growth in sales we’re excited to see how our new team develops with the continued expansion of our dealer network.”

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