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Nectere break the mould with ‘Your Education’ catalogue

As Nectere continue to grow in what is set to be one of their most successful years to date, the company have launched their first ever Education Supplies Catalogue.
In an industry which is ever changing Nectere have once again developed the tools available for Dealers in order for them to be able to fulfil customer requirements. With the Education sector becoming a huge growth sector for the company, the award winning Marketing department have created a catalogue which was interactive, fun and unique.

Dawn Kirby, Marketing, Web & Data Director said “The concept of the Education catalogue was an interesting one. Having always offered Dealers a smaller brochure, there was a clear gap in the market for something bigger. The catalogue which emphasises Dealers expertise and professionalism in the sector continued to grow in size throughout the entire development. The catalogue which is now 100 pages, boasts a range of exclusive supplier products. The catalogue is geared towards an alternative product offering, giving our Dealers the opportunity to compete against traditional education resellers. The range of interactive link sells in the catalogue makes it user friendly and easy to locate specific products. We’re thrilled with how successful the catalogue has been within our Dealer channel, it’s been so successful that we’re already organising a second print run. It’s rewarding to create a tool which drives Dealers enthusiasm to succeed and helps enhance profitability”.

Suppliers are also boasting about the successes of the catalogue, Barry Roach from Trodat said “The quality of the publication is second to none. The catalogue’s clean, concise and refreshingly different from what is available in the industry. It’s apparent from the outset that there’s a clear thought process behind every page. It’s exciting to be featured in something so different and innovative”.

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