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From the Inside Looking Out

Twelve months ago, I’d have been amazed if someone told me I’d not only be working at Nectere but also thoroughly enjoying learning about a very different and highly effective route to market in the OP industry. 

It’s now nine months since I was invited to join, and it’s been a revelation looking from ‘inside the box’.  I’d seen this type of concept only once before, in Nashville, Tennessee, a service bureau that really underpinned the key asset that resellers have – their customers! 

Nectere has a real focus and vision, and at its heart is a determination to help those resellers, well… sell! Less focus on the cost to serve elements that soak up much valuable time and cash, and a real chance to build more profitable opportunities across the whole canopy of customer needs. 

Let me explain in a little more depth what I’ve found: 

A wider strategy focused on diversity of products and offerings, cutting through the necessity to supply the same old stuff. We can provide access to clothing, workwear, embroidery, medical supplies, educational products alongside the more traditional office products essentials and the newer jan/san introductions.  

The model is underpinned by a direct-to-consumer delivery offering, and I’m constantly working hard with suppliers on cost effective delivery solutions to meet the changing delivery landscape.

I’m in a new role, effectively managing our supplier relationships, the seeker of opportunity and the listening post for our Partners as we drive on the quest to supply everything and anything that is requested. 

In a previous life I was responsible for the overall strategic planning of businesses across our industry. All very good businesses, but Nectere is something very different. It speaks the dealers’ language and certainly has that dealer knowledge background in addition to a wider perspective on where and how dealers can prosper. 

There are several factors to consider when looking at Nectere as an option and I’ve learned that the management team behind this organisation are totally committed to dealer success, and that’s what I’d kind of been looking to do throughout my earlier career choices. 

One of the great examples is that there’s a centralised and completely managed back-office system – no back-ups to do, no pricing updates to worry about. Maintenance and system developments – NOPE – all included. What about promotions and marketing? Well, they are part of the deal and inclusive with an excellent and wide range package of offerings – The buzz word these days is omnichannel and Nectere have this as a fundamental approach. 

Did I have any real expectations when I joined last year? I felt I’d be at home in the industry I had been in for some 39 years. I also believed I could make a positive contribution and I looked forward to building more relationships with both customers and suppliers. Nine months in, I’m doing that and so much more.

Make no mistake, whilst Nectere is unique and has creative ideas and impressive automated processes, it’s not infallible and there is much still to learn and do, but do you know what? It’s an adaptable model for dealers at all stages of their business life cycle and it serves to grow profitable businesses. 

In these changing and challenging times, it’s not only great to know that someone’s on your side, too, it’s also a great model to work in and I for one am so glad I’m here and would be equally happy to see new Partners, too. 

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